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      Central Elementary students honored for keeping the 7 Habits

      Tuesday was a special day for students at Central Elementary School in Camp Point.

      The school was honored for the way it implemented the 7 Habits Program into the lives of its students.

      These enthusiastic kids are celebrating all their hard work learning and practicing the 7 habits program.

      Central Elementary school in Camp Point was honored by receiving the Lighthouse award from the Covey Institute.

      Steven Covey himself sent a video congratulations to students.

      "I've got this banner here I wanted to send to you that says that Central Elementary School is proud to be recognized as the Leader in Me Lighthouse school for extraordinary achievement in leadership," Covey said. "You can hang this anywhere you like to signify your accomplishment."

      "It's fun when you use the 7 habits because you get to get a Lighthouse school," 2nd grader Karlie Barry said. "And when the school gets a Lighthouse School you get recognized for that."

      The 7 Habits teach life lessons like Be Proactive, Put first things first, Seek first to Understand then be Understood.

      Principal Eric Stotts says the 7 Habits even mesh with some of the goals of the Common Core.

      "That leadership role," Stotts said. "It's student self-control, students self-responsibility, things like that. The leadership model just goes right along with it."

      "When you're a leader you can stand up for yourself and talk to other people." 2nd grader Mason Miller said.

      A good skill to learn at any age.

      Central Elementary is one of just 58 schools in the world to receive the Lighthouse designation.