Cell phone tips: How you can stay safe from hackers

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Personal information stored on your smart phone is extremely common.

Concerns of cell phone hacks continue to grow as major corporations fall victim.

Jason Wright is a phone expert.

He said it's a lot harder than people think to hack someone's cell phone.

A reason why is what's called an I.P. address.

This is what people use to hack into a normal computer, but it’s just hard to find with cell phones.

"The chances of someone actually hacking into your cell phone and getting personal information is relatively low."

Wright mentioned most cell phone hackers aim for the big fish who have money.

He says it's collateral damage if you just happen to be in the way.

"They're targeting this specific person and happen to be kind of on the way"

Here's how you can stay safe.

Wright explained a major concern he's seen is when a pop-up appears on your screen.

"Don't worry, you haven't been infected,” Wright mentioned. “You haven't had anything if you haven't clicked on what they're trying to get you to do".

People shouldn’t act on suspicious emails or messages either.

"Delete the email, delete the message and don't respond," Wright pointed out.

Experts say people should use a two-step verification when it comes to passwords.

Wright said just one password could put you at higher risk for hackers.

An extra step could make all the difference.

"Usually it's something like entering the password and then having to answer a security question,.

Another tip is to research safe guard apps for your phone.

People should read reviews and research background information before they install the app.

Wright mentioned a hard reset is crucial if for some reason your phone does happen to get hacked.

"It's going to log them out,” Wright said. “It's going to get them out of what they're trying to do."
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