Celebration of Valentine's Day across the Tri-States

Lollipop Plus Preschool at Faith Presbyterian Church celebrates Valentine's Day

Did you know that Valentine's Day dates back to the middle ages?

It began in remembrance of an Italian bishop who was imprisoned for secretly marrying couples.

KHQA visited with a variety of people who were getting into the spirit of the holiday.

For students at Lollipop Plus Preschool at Faith Presbyterian Church, celebrating Valentine's Day meant being with their classmates, and playing games, as well as eating some of their favorite food.

Across town, others are spending the day getting ready to feed a large crowd from across the Tri-States.

BoodaLu Steakhouse opened over the Summer, and is ready for it's first Valentine's Day.

Michael Bayles is the owner, and he says he's seeing more people from across the region visit the restaurant.

"We're seeing a lot more people from outside of Quincy, as we hope to get, from Hannibal, Keokuk, Bowling Green, Kirksville area," said Bayles.

BoodaLu has a waiting list for Friday, and is booked full for Saturday as well.

"I think it's special for the couples, and have mostly two tops tonight," said Bayles. "And I think it's good for people to get together and sort of look into eachother's eyes every now and then."