Cause of fire at Sprout's Inn known, but what next?

The Quincy Fire Department released the cause of Thursday morning's fire at Sprout's Inn.

Investigators say initial sparks were caused by an over used outlet that overheated.

The owners of the restaurant say they have plans to rebuild within six to nine months.

The new Sprout's will be located at the same spot on North 12th Street.

But until then what's next for Sprout's Inn employees?

"I'm still really emotional about my employees, the 72 of them that are without a job today," said Jennifer Wiemelt, Sprout's Inn owner.

Wiemelt has vowed to rebuild the restaurant, but until that happens her employees need to find another source of income.

"I'll probably try for unemployment for right now but I just can't see me working anywhere else but Sprout's," said Michael Vahle, Sprout's Inn kitchen manager and employee for 43 years. "This is my life and I just can't see me making business for other people when I want to see this place go."

Sprout's employees are eligible for unemployment. That typically adds up to almost $320 per week for up to 25 weeks. During that time, workers will have to keep in touch with the Illinois Department of Employment Security office to verify that they still don't have a job, and still are looking.

Even if they do receive unemployment or find a job elsewhere Sprout's Inn employees hope to walk through the restaurant doors again.

"I'll wait - I'm not going anywhere else - this is where I belong," said Cherie Camorsky, Sprout's Inn pie baker for eight years.

And there will be a place waiting for them.

"Most of them said they will be back so that's just a little more support that I have, is my team behind me," said Wiemelt. "And I can't wait for them to get back here and help me build this business back up."