Catholics upset with President Obama over abortion

The Catholic church is taking on the Obama administration.

And the fallout could hurt his re-election effort.

The issue is about contraception.

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A new government policy forces employers, including religiously affiliated schools and hospitals to cover FDA approved contraceptives, including abortion.

This after Obama assured the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops he wouldn't let this happen.

That's upset the Conference of Bishops and many Catholics.

Some church leaders say this is an issue of religious freedom.

Father Mike Kuse of Blessed Sacrement Parish in Quincy says many Catholics may use contraceptives, but the church has to stand up for what it believes.

He says the number one thing Catholics, or for that matter, anyone upset by this can do is to become properly informed.

Father Kuse says, "For the number of Catholics in this country and if we are all in unison that abortion is wrong and we want to show the dignity of life in all aspects, then we need to let people know where we stand."

The policy goes into effect this summer but gives religious groups an extra year to comply.

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CNN contributed to this report.