Catch a sneak preview for new film featuring Tri-State talent

You can see the latest film by Chris Kelley and Table 16 productions at Johnny Bang Bang's in Quincy May 4.

Their new movie, "Villainy For the Lonely" features local talent and familiar surroundings.

The film's plot is about bad people who are trying to get something in life, but what they get is what they have coming.

"I just like to you know? I am just really into these types of movies. I think it is kind of fun to just take yourself out of who you are and make something kind of fictitious like this," Chris Kelley said.

Tickets for the May 4th showing can be purchased at the Quincy Humane Society for $7 in advance or your can buy them for $10 at the door.

Show time starts at 8 p.m.

All of the proceeds go to the Quincy Humane Society.