Cat survives massive fire in Northeast Missouri

You might recall that massive fire in the northwestern part of Marion County near Emerson, Missouri last month.

Firefighters from at least three Northeast Missouri fire departments battled the blaze just south of Route M.

You could see the smoke from our sky cam here at our Quincy station more than 20 miles away.

Water had to be hauled in from two locations to help firefighters douse the flames.

The man who lived there lost everything in the fire, except for a small, yet joyful surprise he found 10 days after the fire.

It's been a rough few weeks for Bud Abney. He not only lost all of his belongings in this March 19th fire but also several beloved animals, including his dog, Timber. But Timber's pal, this cat named Molly, survived even when the odds were stacked against her.

Abney says, "I found her 10 days after the fire. She was under a piece of tin. She had gone back and forth to get her babies off the burning bales one at a time. She burned all four of her paws off."

Molly's babies were in a burning barn. Molly risked her life to save her 3 baby kittens. Sadly, the kittens didn't make it. But Molly was found on top of them, protecting them with what little life she had to give.

Abney says, "Her eyes were burned. All the way around, they were blistered. She had to close her eyes when she went in for those babies."

That's when Paw Pals stepped in to help. It's an outreach program that helps pet owners in need. Since Abney lost everything, he had very little if any money to help Molly.

Paw Pals President Jane Holt says, "Many of the situations we do help, there is more than just the pets involved. There's a story with the family. They all have certain circumstances, handships that they're having to live with, and if we can help make their lives easier by helping them, that's what we're trying to do."

Abney told KHQA investigators think the fire started by a short in the refrigerator. Regardless of how the fire started, Abney says he's thankful for Paw Pals in more ways than one.

Abney says, "I just thank this establishment so much. I felt like my body was empty and all that was left was my heart and soul. They brought me back some life."

Paw Pals will hold a fund raiser to help raise money for its services.

Mardi Pals in the District will take place April 18th in Washington Park.

The event is complete with a "Barkus Parade and more for your four-legged friends.

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