Cash mob big hit in Quincy

Boy enjoys ice cream at Ice Scream cash mob event

It's safe to say that Quincy's first Cash Mob event was a rousing success Thursday night.

Hundreds of people swarmed the inaugural event at one of downtown Quincy's most unique businesses...ICE Scream.

Since it opened about 3 years ago the little shop filled with tons of sci-fi and horror memorabilia has developed a loyal following.

Tonight those customers and some new ones swarmed the business to get a taste of its all natural ice cream.

The idea of the cash mob is to highlight a local business through social media and word of mouth and bring in new customers giving a boost to that business and the local economy.

Owner and proprietor Patrick Taylor says he was glad to be Quincy's first "cash-mobbed" business.

Taylor said, "That's how I built my business is off of word of mouth, facebook, social networking and having a good product, you know. So that with the cash mob thing, starting a great tradition, yeah I'm all about it."

203 people turned out for Thursday nights event sponsored by the Historic Quincy Business District.

Be on the lookout for more Cash Mob events in downtown Quincy.

The next one will be on June 14th at Everything and the Kitchen Sink.