Cash bond issue: Hundreds more signatures needed

Volunteers have set up a drive-through sign-up tent at 12th and Washington. You may also find them knocking on your door.

Time is running out for a group of Quincy residents petitioning a decision by the Quincy School Board.

The board recently voted to issue working cash bonds, about 6 million 200 thousand dollars worth.

Area residents want a say in how the district goes about spending this money, so they've begun petitioning throughout the city. They have 30 days to collect 3,500 signatures to put the issue on the ballot.

Volunteers have set up drive-through sign-up tents around the city. You may also find them knocking on your door.

"They might not have the opportunity to come to your door, so we're encouraging people to come to 12th and Washington. Between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday. By Thursday at 5 p.m., we need to have those signatures. We still need hundreds of signatures to put the issue on the ballot," said Sam Speer, a volunteer set up at 12th and Washington. "Many people that are coming to sign it are for the issue, but others aren't for the issue and are signing it. I think getting the facts out there so the voter can intelligently vote on the issue is real important."

If the group gets enough signatures, the issue will go on the March ballot of next year.