Carthage roller rink spinning around an uncertain future

It's the only place skaters can lace up and glide along the floor in Carthage, and this year it might close. At least temporarily.

The Crystal Ball Roller Rink's been a staple in Carthage for 64 years. It's seen thousands of skaters roll through its doors and years of wear and tear.

"We've got damage to the back of our building, our roof, and some floor damage where water got in and ruined our sub floor and skating floor in the back corner. That, we've got to replace. Financially, I can't do it, so I've decided to close," said Crystal Ball Owner Bonnie Bentzinger.

Friends loyal to Crystal Ball say they won't let it close. They've created a Facebook page along with placing buckets around town for donations. In the last few weeks, people have already come forward donating their time and skills, but it's going to take a community-wide effort to get spinning on the only rink in town in the near future.