Carthage in negotiations with fiber-optic broadband company

The City of Carthage is in negotiations to bring fiber-optic broadband service to residents and businesses.

City officials have met with representatives of i3 America. The company that is also negotiating with the City of Quincy to bring a similar service to its residents and businesses.

Carthage Ward 2 Ald. Gary Smith said that i3 would place fiber-optic cables in its existing sewer lines. The city and the company have agreed on a study that will be completed in September.

Smith said that the company approached Carthage officials.

â??I think it's a good thing for us,â?? he said. â??We have several good-sized businesses that would be thrilled to have very high-speed Internet. It would give us an opportunity for the residents to have that as well.â??

i3 would not charge the city for the service. The company would partner with Adams Telephone Cooperative, which would provide Internet content and pay for i3 to deliver it to homes and businesses.

Quincy Ald. Kyle Moore said that the city's negotiations with i3 are still ongoing.