Cars covered in spiders

Some people at John Wood Community College on 48th street in Quincy got quite a surprise when they returned to their cars in the parking lot the week of June 30th.

Several vehicles were covered in hundreds of spiders.

There are also reports of entrance ways to stores around Quincy having a similar issue.

We went to the experts at Reliable Pest Solutions in Hannibal to find out why this is happening.

President of the business Mike Scholes said the spiders that were on the cars were baby wolf spiders.

He says there are not a threat and will not cause any harm.

Scholes told KHQA this is normal and happens every year.

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"What they're doing is, this time of the year, those spiderlings, so they're the spiderlings that just hatched out, they climb up to the top of an area that they can. They shoot out some web and it's called ballooning. And then the wind picks them up, the updrafts from the heat and they just travel. That's how they go to new territory," said Scholes.

Scholes says if you find yourself in a similar situation to this, you can either brush them off, or just get in your car, drive off and the spiders will blow away.

This type of thing is more common in more rural areas, near corn fields or wooded spaces.

Scholes says you can expect to see similar things in the fall.