Car show lends a helping hand to fight cancer

The car show featured new and vintage models.

During this time of year in the Tri-States, car shows can be very popular.

One car show that took place in Loraine Sunday had a special cause behind it.

The Anne Nicole Kindhart Helping Hand Foundation held it's 9th annual car show and 13th annual softball tournament in Loraine Park.

The foundation is named after the founder's daughter, Anne who was diagnosed at one year of age with Acute Myloid Leukemia.

Proceeds from the events go to help the foundation's cause, providing support for families who have children with an illness.

Lon Kindhart, the foundation's president and father of Anne, wants to make sure other families get the support they need.

"Well, people need help. My wife and I went through it, our daughter had leukemia when she was one. She's now in remission. It took a lot of help, took a lot to get through that. And families need that, they don't need the worry," Lon said.

Anne Kindhart is 14-years-old and has been in remission for 12 years.

She's proud to be helping other kids like herself who may have struggled with an illness.

"A lot of people, their family, they had a rough time going through it, because they didn't have a lot of money. So when we're helping them, it makes me feel like I'm helping my friends," Anne said.

If you're interested in helping to support this foundation, you can visit their website.