Cape Air hits the 10,000 mark with first-time flyer

Blois was given a complimentary set of round trip tickets from Cape Air.

We were told it would be close, but we now have good news for

Cape Air


Quincy Regional Airport

... they hit the 10,000 mark Saturday, just three days before the end of 2012.

First-time Cape Air flyer, Scott Blois, arrived at the airport looking to fly back home to Austin, Texas, but soon found out he was Cape Air's 10,000th flyer this year.

"It's always fun to be recognized as special, and I guess for me, it's a fun feeling and I have wonderful gifts and it just finishes the wonderful Christmas week in Quincy, where everybody has been very nice to my family, my wife, and my children," Blois said.

Hitting the 10,000 mark qualifies the city-owned Quincy Regional Airport to receive $1,000,000 for capital improvements at the airport.

This marked the first time the airport reached this number since 2002.

Sunday, U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) congratulated Cape Air and the City of Quincy, Illinois for reaching such an important milestone.

â??In the short time it has been operating in Quincy, Cape Air has become an integral part of the community. While continuing to provide travelers with reliable, safe and affordable air service, Cape Air has put down roots in Quincy with a new downtown ticket office and a maintenance facility at the airport,â?? said Durbin. â??Over four years ago, Mayor John Spring recognized that a committed air carrier, like Cape Air, would not only transport residents but also create jobs and economic investment in Western Illinois. Congratulations to Cape Air, the Department of Transportation, Mayor Spring, Quincy residents and all who have worked to make this service an overwhelming success," Durbin said.

Mayor John Spring says with the new funding, Cape will look to add more flight destinations to the map.

"We need to provide transportation, commercial transportation, for our business community and our tourist community. We hope that our partnership with Cape will even increase the possibilities here in the future to get back into Chicago, back into the Chicago market as well as the St. Louis Market," Spring said.

Spring also says the million dollars will help the airport with operating costs.

As for the 10,000th passenger, Blois was given a complimentary set of round trip tickets from Cape Air.