Canton schools delayed for two hours, no effect on end date

Canton R-V faculty, staff and students arrived two hours late Monday because of the weather.

It was business as usual Monday for the Canton R-V school district | except for the fact that business started a little bit later.

Faculty, staff and students arrived two hours late because of the weather.

"This morning when we looked at it,it was a lot colder at seven o'clock, when our kids start getting on buses as opposed to ten o'clock when we're starting now." W.A. Andy Anderson, Superintendent for Canton R-V School District said.

Three degrees was the temperature around 11 o'clock in the morning. Superintendent Anderson says the frigid temperatures and wind chill made him rethink starting at their usual 8:30 a.m. start time.

Unlike schools in Illinois, Missouri schools do not have to be in school as long for it to count as a full day.

"To count it as a day, you must have three hours of session with the students, so you can go a two hour delay, and it still count for a full day," Anderson said.

Canton R-V has six emergency days built into its calendar and it's only used five.

Superintendent Anderson says concern for students is more important than concern for the schedule.

"Number one, is students safety, that's our number one concern, those who have to ride the bus, waiting at bus stops, we have a lot of kids who drive. We want to make sure its safe conditions for them," Anderson explained.

At this time, the Canton School District will be officially out of school May 22, 2014.