Candy Cane Lighted Lane is all aglow


John and Mary Freiling and their family have opened Candy Cane Lighted Lane in Marion County.

The 1/2 mile display contains more than half a million lights that dance to music which is broadcast over an FM transmitter. Spectators can tune in the music in their vehicles. The set up is controlled by computer and contains 256 channels of dimmers.

This year, the Freilings added more than 500 feet of road to form a circle drive with one-way traffic. This added a lot of display area and alleviated traffic problems. The new road added another 200 lighted candy canes. Also new is the starting of Candy Cane Express Railroad; cars will be added each year. The first piece is the engine. It's more than 14 feet long and contains more than 10,000 LEDs. When the train becomes fully operational, it will carry up to 10 passengers and will be more than 50 feet long. The track will weave throughout the display.

The tunnel is 100 feet long and has 30,000 red, green, and blue lights, all choreographed to the music.

The animated tree is 23 feet tall and contains more than 50,000 lights of red, blue and green, and has 61 colored strobes.

Another tree measuring more than 26 feet tall morphs from red to green and is topped with a star containing 1800 white lights.

Santa and his reindeer are more than 50 feet long and are assembled on steel rigging to appear as if they are launching into the sky.

The nativity is all lighted with LEDs in brilliant colors.

The cost to run the display is estimated at $1000. While there is no charge to view the display, a donation box is available to help with the expense.

A website is now available with up-to-the-minute radar. current road conditions, directions, and information about any part of the display that would not be functioning.

From Hannibal:

Take Route O (Lindell Ave.); go 3/4 mile past Humpty Dumpty Bridge; turn right on Carr TMs Lane.Follow Carr TMs Lane all the way to the top of the hill.From Quincy:

Go West on 72 (36) from Quincy.Turn South on highway 61.Take the next exit past Hannibal Inn, turning left onto Warren Barrett Drive.After the school bus barn, take the first turn to the right on Route O, also called Lindell Ave.Go approximately one mile and turn to the right on Carr TMs Lane; follow it all the way to the top of the hill.