Can you take this 21 day challenge?

Watch for motorcycles and turn your phone off / Photo courtesy of Charlene Sigting-Doud

It takes 21 days to form a habit.

One woman is asking you to take the next 21 days to put down your cell phone while you drive.

Those 21 days might turn into a life-long habit.

"My father was coming home from work on his motorcycle. A girl was talking on her cell phone to her mother, rolled through a stop sign and hit my father's motorcycle. He was thrown from his motorcycle -- flew over her vehicle. She ended up in a ditch. She ran past my dad's dead body, never calling 911," said Charlene Sigting-Doud.

Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for teens - but teen drivers are not the only ones dying. In fact, about two-thirds of the victims are not teen drivers. They are occupants of other vehicles, non-motorists, and motorcyclists.

"Warmer weather...Motorcycles are going to be out. With gas prices, more people are purchasing motorcycles, and mopeds, stuff like that," said President of Great Abate Tom Haggerty.

Which means you need your eyes on the road...not on your phone. Motorcycles easily get in your blind spots, especially if you stop paying attention for just one second.

"Most seasoned motorcyclists are trained to drive defensively. When you get people who are distracted, it makes it that much harder," Haggerty says.

Sligting-Doud not only is asking you to Just Let it Ring, she's asking you to turn your phone off.

"I encourage everyone to put your phone down for 21 days - that's what it takes to form a habit and you'll see, you're not missing anything and you're actually going to be seeing more of the road," said Sligting-Doud.

As for the driver who killed Charlene's dad ... she received a ticket for improper lane usage.

She also paid a 500 dollar fine and fulfilled 100 hours of community service.

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