Can pets predict natural disasters?

Several of our Facebook friends told us their dogs freaked out early in the morning on Tuesday of this week.

Come to find out, a small earthquake had hit south of St. Louis.

It's been said pets have a "sixth sense" when it comes to predicting natural disasters.

We set out to find out if that's true.

Check out this video from Youtube. Some say the dog senses an earthquake just before it hits. Do animals have a sixth sense so to speak when it comes to predicting natural disasters? It's been reported that no animals were killed after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia in 2004...yet hundreds of thousands of people were. Some say the animals sensed the disaster was coming, so they ran for higher ground. Sally Westerhoff with the Quincy Humane Society thinks the animals are on to something.

Westerhoff says, "I think it's extremely likely. I've personally lived with a storm-phopic dog. We had two or three of them at one time. The dog senses before I even know there's going to be a storm and they start reacting, getting nervous, and pacing and panting and shaking."

According to Discovery News, animals have a much higher sensitivity than humans do, and it may look like they can detect natural disasters.

It's not that they detect them, but they are more sensitive to their surroundings, so they may feel an earthquake a little sooner than we do.

Westerhoff says, "I've heard of animals that can detect diabetic issues, they can predict when someone's going to have a seizure. I think they do have a higher sense about these things that we do as humans."

Westerhoff adds, "Obviously they have a higher sense of smell and hearing than we do. Why shouldn't their perception in that area be stronger than ours as well"

An interesting thing to think about.

What do you think?

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