Can Pa's make a comeback?

A couple of months ago we told you about Pa's Market in Warsaw Illinois.

It faces challenges similar to any small town grocery store, fighting to stay alive amongst competition from other larger chains. Read more here.

But things may be turning around for this rural market. Business is up these days.

Though Pa's market still faces big competition from chain stores, it's meeting challenges head on.

Owner Perry Cameron says he's recently revamped and reorganized the store, even adding a special dollar aisle, where food and even house hold goods are just a buck. He's also changed food distributors, which has lowered prices for customers. Cameron says it's all being done to keep people coming in the doors..instead of driving to other towns and mega stores.

The high gas prices aren't hurting anything either.

Cameron says people are realizing that by the time people are driving to a larger town, they could have spent the same amount in his store and kept the tax dollars local.

Even though business is up, Cameron says it's not where it needs to be. Now he is looking to some marketing tools like special sales and perhaps a grand re-opening to attract new business and keep his doors open for years to come.

Cameron says another big selling point at his store is the meat counter, which accounts for a third of his business.

Pa's also still offers a small town grocery delivery service.