Can I see your ID...Again?

If caught without your photo ID in Macomb taverns, the penalty is a $100 dollar fine.

A new ordinance takes effect inside bars and night clubs throughout Macomb this week.

This comes after a city alderman asked the council to approve a new photo identification requirement inside these establishments, not only at the front door but throughout the entire stay.

"You are required to show ID to get into an establishment. What this ordinance does is say you must maintain your ID on your person while in an establishment," Mayor Mike Inman said.

This ordinance applies to everyone inside the bar or nightclub, even those under the legal drinking age. Right now, you must be 20 years of age or older to get into a Class A Tavern, a place specifically for the sale of alcohol or entertainment.

"The purpose, I think, the alderman was trying to bring forth from the beginning was to help curb the issue of passing back ID's to allow illegal entrances into those establishments," Inman said.

Bar owners in Macomb would not comment on camera, but said they believe the constant ID checks is a waste of city police time and effort.

Regardless, if caught without your photo ID, the penalty is a $100 dollar fine. Drinking underage will cost you another $250.

"There is a forgiveness clause, so to speak, in the ordinance, saying that if you were 20 and you had not been consuming alcohol and for whatever reason had not been engaged in any illegal activity, you could come to the city attorney's office and produce a valid ID. They'd then consider whether charges would be pursued or not," Inman said.

This could also apply to people clearly older than 21 who entered an establishment without their ID on them. However, this will not work for people part of the pass backs who may show someone else's ID as their own.

The photo ID ordinance takes effect this Thursday.