Camp Point couple creates peaceful country get-away

A rural Camp Point couple has turned a piece of Tri-State history into a romantic getaway-- not to mention a unique setting for special events.

Jeff and Shelly Rasche bought a former scale house about eight years ago.

For those of you who aren't familiar with that -- it's a barn that was used to weigh grain.

Little did they know, the project would turn into a place you can go just to get away from it all.

Jeff Rasche said, "We're not sure when it was built, but we know someone signed the scale in 1929."

The scale house sits alongside this former hay barn built in 1912. Welcome to Windsong Acres in rural Camp Point.

Jeff Rasche said, "I guess it feels like a tree house project that has gotten out of hand."

Shelly Rasche is a successful commercial artist. She even created these stained glass windows throughout the scale house. The Rasches originally thought they'd turn the structure into an art studio for Shelly. She does her work here while enjoying the sunset right outside her window. But the project quickly grew last fall. That's when they hosted a wedding rehearsal dinner for their son and his bride-to-be.

Shelly Rasche said, "It went so well, and we had so much fun with it, we thought, maybe this is something was can share with the public. We decided that we'd make this an opportunity to see if anyone was interested in other types of events as well as wedding rehearsal meals. That was kind of our inspiration."

The Rasches held special Christmas dinners last December --all of them filled up fast. Then, more than 70 people turned out for a series of Valentine's Day dinners, complete with candlelight, a fireplace, light music, food and plenty of ambiance.

Jeff Rasche said, "They sit at the table, and we wait on them hand and foot. There's a place we like to go in Wisconsin, and it's a very nice romantic setting. A great place to get away, and we thought it would be nice to have something like that around here, too, where people could just come and have a very special, memorable evening."

One husband and wife have renewed their wedding vows here, and the Rasches hope to have a barn dance this summer. The scale house also serves its original purpose--a place where Shelly can hone her craft. She just completed a stained glass class, in which she taught others the art.

The Rasches say they determine how much to charge on a case-by-case basis.

However, Windsong Acres is available for all kinds of special events ranging from private meals, celebrations and meetings, to name a few.

They hope to host special dinners there for high school students come prom season.

You can find much more information about Windsong Acres at