Caffeine is affecting women in a whole new way


A new study released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looks at women's caffeine intake and the affect it has on estrogen levels.

The study found that long-term caffeine intake has a lasing affect on estrogen levels. It also found the levels in white women and Asian women are different.

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Drinking about two cups of coffee a day increase


estrogen levels in Asian women, but had the complete opposite affect on white women.

In fact, it found that with the average two cups of coffee a day in white women, the estrogen levels decreased.

Researchers say caffeine doesn't cause problems in the short term, or affect monthly ovulation.

So the question is raised about what affects this estrogen level fluctuation has on women in the long term?

We spoke with Dr. Gina Bell Monday, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with SIU Healthcare Quincy Family Medicine, to find out what women can expect.

"If it's too high, over a long period of time, with a uterus, it can cause intermedial cancer. It it's too low, it can cause problems with women's bone health. For example osteoporosis, problems with memory loss, cognition. Also it can also cause problems with whether or not women are sleeping well at night," said Bell

(CNN contributed to this report.)

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