Caffeine free shopping can help you in the long run

Examples of caffeinated items.

Caffeine may seem like the perfect way to get a jump start on your day, but the negative side effects could outweigh the pros.

Food manufacturers are adding a boost of caffeine in snacks, such as a new Cracker Jack line called Cracker Jack'd.

High levels of caffeine can be found in your drinks, food, and even your chewing gum.

Many energy drinks have warning labels advising you not to give it to children due to the high levels of caffeine.

Anything with chocolate includes caffeine.

So what happens when children get their hands on a highly caffeinated drink or food item?

"When we consume caffeine, adults and children, we can have trouble sleeping, frequent urination, rapid heart beat or change in heart rhythm, nervousness, anxiety, all things that a child maybe wouldn't know is happening to them or just in small doses could affect a child greatly," Dietician Ashlyn Myers said.

Myers said it's important to monitor your caffeine intake no matter your age.

She said it is something your body can live entirely without.