Cadets learn more about Civil Air Patrol in Hannibal

The U. S. Civil Air Patrol has been a part of the American landscape since the early 1940s.

Volunteers assist in search and rescue, aerospace education and even training young adults.

O ne of the civil air patrol squadrons here in the tri state area is bringing aviation to several young adults as well.

The Northeast Missouri Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol has been around for the past several years and today four cadets of the of the Northeast Missouri Chapter got a visit from their sister squadron in St. Louis. A visit that officially introduced them to pre flight training and how to prepare a plane for an assigned mission.

Jim Current is a lieutenant with the Northeast Chapter and is the supervisor of the cadet program,

" Most of these cadets haven't earned their first stripe yet. They have to do a lot of online training, safety training, incident command services training. It's a nationwide program, so if we respond to any type of incident anywhere in the Unites States, we will all follow the same protocol" Current said.

16-year-old Louisa Foreman, has been a cadet for the past few months. And she said she has learned quite a bit about airplanes and the aerospace industry. In the cadet program the young adults are taught search and rescue techniques, lessons on moral character and disaster assessment evaluations are gone over both in the classroom and online.

" I would definitely recommend it to other people. I decided to get in here just to get some military experience and I would definitely recommend it. They're all about moral character, being physically fit, learning about serving your country better and I would say all around it's a good program," Foreman said.

The Hannibal chapter covers an area from Spri ngfield Illinois west to Chillicothe Missouri and from the Quad Cities area near Rock Island to an area just south of Hannibal.

Right now there are six cadets who are in the program and are working their way through the ranks to be able to volunteer their time when they're assigned a mission.

The cadets and the Civil Air Patrol meet every Thursday at the Hannibal airport terminal building at 6:30 p.m .

Current said anyone between the ages of 12 to 18 are welcome to attend and become a member.

You can get more details on the civil air patrol at .

The group is a recognized auxiliary of the United State Air Force.