Cadan's Carnival raises more than expected

At the end of October, Rome and Tiffany Frericks organized Cadan's Carnival to raise money for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, a condition where the diaphragm does not form and the organs are pushed into the chest cavity.

Through the silent auction and games, they will have raised around $13,000... $3,000 more than their goal.

The money will be donated to the St. Louis Children's Hospital for CDH research.

"We really feel like every dollar raised is going to bring us that much closer to having answers and that's what this birth defect needs. It needs a lot of research and answers so that other families don't go through this," said Tiffany Frericks

They will bring a check down to St. Louis after they collect money from Gardner Denver's jean day, sometime in December.

Tiffany and Rome lost their son Cadan to CDH two years ago.