Cadan's Carnival helps raise CDH Awareness

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, or CDH is out there, and one Quincy family wants to help find a cure.

Tiffany Frericks lost her child Cadan to CDH about five years ago.

Frericks and her husband created Cadan's Carnival.

It's a way to remember Cadan, and raise awareness to this disorder.

"After our son Cadan passed away, we wanted to come up with something to honor his memory and try to increase the research money and also raise some awareness. That was another thing. When we were diagnosed, we had never heard of it," Frericks said.

Cadan's Carnival not only raises awareness of the disease, it offers a location where people affected can find comfort.

Terri Helmick's daughter Ava was born with CDH.

Ava has fought to survive for years.

Helmick was happy to see the support this carnival was offering.

Each year, the funds raised go to Saint Louis Children's Hospital for CDH research.

Since Cadan's Carnival began, the CDH survival rate at that hospital has doubled.

This event raises around $15,000 each year.

Helmick created a facebook page for families affected by CDH. Click here to take a look.