C-SC takes action in helping students relieve stress

Students relax in the Cat's Den.

In an effort to reduce stress on its campus, Culver-Stockton College has created a place for students to come and relax.

It's called the Cat's Den, and it's free of charge for students, but there's a catch, you can't bring in your cell phone.

Susan Moon is the Director of Counseling and Wellness for the 800 students at Culver-Stockton College.

She says the number one thing she meets with students about is issues related to stress.

"Stress that has gone on for a while, then can very easily lead into depression, and so then we're treating depression. Also I don't think students always recognize how stressed they are," Moon said.

While she can counsel a student and suggest remedies, the idea to create a relaxation room came to her mind, and it has been a part of the campus for two months.

Students say it's nice to get 30 minutes of no distraction relaxation.

Shauni Logsdon is a C-SC student and enjoys using the room.

"Everything that you were stressed about is gone, and you can finally focus again, like you can just take on the world," said Logsdon.

Senior Worthy Morgan thinks the room helps clear your mind.

"Think about maybe what you need to do on that paper, that you couldn't quite think of, and just enjoy yourself," Morgan said.

With no cell phones allowed in the room, Moon says students will start to recognize the need to disconnect once in a while.

"When you're studying, and you check a message, it takes five to ten minutes to get your brain back in the same place it was before you checked the message," Moon said. "You cannot relax when you are on alert, you're waiting, you know it's going to buzz. And once it does buzz, you've got to check it."

So far, the feedback on the relaxation room has been positive.

"Every student who comes in here walks out saying "That was amazing," said Moon.

Moon says she has also opened the room up for faculty and staff who wish to use it.