C-SC president reflects on time serving college

Culver-Stockton College's first alumni president announced plans to retire in June of 2014.

Richard Valentine has spent almost five years in the position and has several campus accomplishments under his belt.

When you look back on his life, a good percentage of it has been spent at Culver-Stockton.

"I spent four years as a student, and I came back, and I was nine years as dean of admission, and then the previous president asked me to be on the board of trustees, so three years on the board of trustees, and then five years back as president," said Valentine.

As the first alumni president, Valentine has spent his time dedicated to bettering the campus as a whole, although he says he looks forward to having some time to himself.

"A job that's 24/7, you don't have a lot of hobbies. I'm hoping to develop some hobbies. I don't golf well, but maybe I will learn how to play golf well," Valentine said.

During his term, C-SC received its largest single donor gift of $2 million to fund the Travel Study program, increased alumni participation, and in increase in enrollment for the freshman class, as well as many different on campus projects.

C-SC Senior Lisa Button appreciates the openness of President Valentine.

"Some schools they don't really know who their president is, if you go to Culver-Stockton, you know who President Valentine is. He's everywhere, and he's always a smiling face," Button said.

Valentine says it will be the students he misses the most.

"It'll clearly be the students. I was maybe perhaps unusual in coming as a president because most presidents come and then kind of position themselves for their next move. There was no next move for me. Unfortunately they did away with the Wal-Mart greeters, I always told everyone that was my next stop. But the fact that is, every decision we've made since I've been here has been for the students," Valentine said.While Button is sad to see Valentine leave, she knows his impression will always be with C-SC.

"We're really sad to see him go, but I know all of us are very excited for him, and his future and all of his future endeavors with him and his wife, and we just wish him the best of luck and we want to thank him for all of his service and years that he's spent here at Culver-Stockton College," said Button.