C-SC helps students dress for success

C-SC students browse the clothing racks.

When you interview for a job, first impressions are key.

For many young women in college, the idea of buying professional clothing can be a little daunting.

For ladies at Culver-Stockton College, the heavy load has been lifted.

Christine Tracy is a professor at C-SC, and helped to organize the event.

"The main goal was to provide our students clothing that would be appropriate for internships, work, job interviews, and such. They were excited, they were trying on clothes, they were meeting one another, they were building friendships, building relationships and finding things they could use," Tracy said.

During the first hour, over 50 ladies walked out with bags full of clothes, ready to begin their professional look.

For sophomore Ashley Boyte, the idea of having a room full of clothes at her disposal was intriguing.

"I don't think college students have a lot of money to go out and buy professional clothes, but everyone does have to go on an interview eventually or if you're in the business department, and I know a lot of other departments, an internship is required. I think Culver really cares about its students and helps students get a job after college, like this event, they're making sure that they set you up for that interview, to make sure that you get the job," Boyte said.

Students walked away with hundreds of clothing items free of charge.

Which some say was the best part of the event.

"I think it's a great event, to get these clothes for free, so you're able to go out there, get your foot in the door, and really put your best foot forward in the interview and make a great first impression," Boyte said.

"As a liberal arts institution, we do a really good job at educating the entire person, and educating the entire person not only means what happens in the classroom, but what happens outside of the classroom such as giving them opportunities to find clothing that will work for them with their limited budget, and that will look nice on them, and that they can use when they leave Culver," Tracy said.

Event organizers say the clothing drive was a huge success.

They plan to host something similar to this in the Spring.

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