Buying a used car: Part II

Everyone wants the best deal on a vehicle.

For many people, the smartest buy right now is a used car, as long as it's in good shape.

KHQA's Jarod Wells shows you what a warranty on a used car should contain.

Shottenkirk Chevrolet Sales Manager Scott Davis said, "Buying a vehicle is the second largest dollar purchase a customer will ever make. A lot of customers only do it once every 3, once every 4 years. So they want to feel good about the purchase, want to feel good about the vehicle they're buying."

That's where a warranty comes in.

Kirk Hess with Hess Auto Agency said, "You need to be very aware of where the warranty is coming from, who the administrator of that warranty is."

Some manufacturers will extend the factory warranties on a used car and there are after-market companies that will offer warranties.

Hess said, "You have to be really aware of who they are, because people will get solicited over the phone or through the mail and not know who that company is. I've heard stories of when people would buy that, then go make a claim, the company's nowhere to be found."

Always ask questions.

Hess said, "There is a buyers guide required by law on the window of every used car that you buy. Just go over that with your salesperson when you're taking delivery and just speak up and ask questions so there's no misunderstanding. So many times when there's a mix-up, it's like the, 'well, I thought they said this' or 'I thought this.' So don't leave anything up to chance."

It is normal for cheaper used cars to come as is, meaning there is no warranty.

Hess said, "But the more expensive the car gets, the more important the warranty becomes, naturally. Just know that person that you're buying the car from and ask questions."

Kirk Hess says having a warranty provides great piece of mind when buying a used car, but what may make you even more comfortable is having the vehicle checked out by an experienced mechanic.