Buy a flag to commemorate September 11th

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It's hard to believe, but this fall is the 10th anniversary of September eleventh terrorist attacks.

A group in Dallas City has already started plans to commemorate that day.

Do you remember right after the terrorist attacks, just about everyone flew an American flag and flew it proudly ? Over time, those flags disappeared and haven't returned. The Sons of the American Legion Over time, those flags disappeared and haven't returned. The Sons of the American Legion Squadron 297 out of Dallas City wants to change that.

Gage Blake was in first grade when the terrorist attack happened. He's now a sophomore in high school. He says he remembers watching it on TV that day, but didn't know the significance of it until years later. Now he's a member of the Sons of American Legion and he wants to sell you an American flag.

Gage Blake says, "We want to sell 4000 flags,"

That's a flag to remember each of the victims of 911, and a few extra.

Blake says, "We are selling three foot by five foot flags. You get a dog tag on it and it's someone that died on 9-11 and your name on it, or whoever you want to donate to."

The flags are 20 dollars a piece. On September eleventh, the plan is to line the streets of Dallas City with the 4000 flags.

John Brewer says, "We need to remember them too, not just that it happened. We are trying to put names to the situation so people realize these are actually people's family member."

The money that's raised from the flag sales will go to the Wounded Warrior Project and the group would like to sponsor a local veteran for the Honor Flight.

Chuck Six says, "After 911, we'll teach the kids the folds of the the flag. There are 13 different folds. They will fold everyone of them and they will know the significance of each fold of the flag."

The flags will then be delivered or mailed to those who bought them. You can donate them back, and the Sons of the American Legion will use them for other patriotic holidays like Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran's Day.

There are several ways you can buy a flag. You can call Chuck Six at 217-852-6456, or mail your donation to P.O. Box 342, Dallas City, IL 62330. You can also find the Sons of the American Legion Squadron 297 on Facebook.

The Sons of the American Legion is open to anyone whose parent or grandparent served in the military.

The Dallas City chapter started last July and has 17 members, and is looking to grow.

The group is planning a day long commemoration of the terrorist attacks, including a parade, this September eleventh.