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      Bushnell man honors late wife with unique tribute

      A Bushnell man's project to honor his late wife and others who have died from cancer has got people talking all over the area.

      The bridge crosses over a small creek separating two parts of the Bushnell Township Cemetery . But this is no ordinary bridge ... this bridge is a love story.

      It's the love story of Larry and Pat Payne of Bushnell who were married for more than 50 years.

      During those years they raised raised a family and built a life for themselves. But in April, Larry lost the love of his life to breast cancer.

      Since then Larry has come up with a way to help his community and honor his wife's memory at the same time.

      Larry, along with some close friends, built this covered bridge with a pink roof over that creek.

      Larry says he frequently gets asked about the color of the roof.

      "Had a lady the other day say, well I don't like the pink," Larry Payne said. "And I said, well, maybe you just don't understand that that pink is the cancer is what that means."

      The base of the bridge is a 40 foot semi trailer bed and the bridge itself is treated natural oak.

      Larry and Pat's daughter Christine says she is proud of what her father has done.

      "It warms my heart. I feel the love," Christine Payne said. "He put his heart and soul into it as well as everyone else that has worked on it. It's an awesome tribute to my mom and everyone else that's lost their fight to cancer."

      As for Larry, he thinks his wife would be happy.

      "You know she's smiling," Larry Payne said. "I know she's smiling. And she had one of the prettiest smiles ... that's what I said. I like to hug the girls, but I love my wife. And there's nobody that loves anybody anymore than I do her."

      Love can come in all different sizes and shapes ... even the shape of a pink-roofed covered bridge, in Bushnell.

      The bridge, that includes a special plaque and a pink ribbon made out of a chain, will be dedicated on Saturday.