Burnett and Sherman honored in QHS alumni variety show

QHS alum James Stewart opened the show with a performance on piano. Does that name ring a bell? He's the editor at large for Smart Money magazine. He's also a pulitzer prize winner for articles published in the Wall Street journal. How's that for an opening act? The success doesn't stop there...dozens of former students alongside current students performed musical acts to honor Tom Burnett and Dan Sherman. We talked to many former students, who credit those two for their success today.

"They've been an incredible inspiration to me. Tom Burnett was the first one to ever put me on stage and have me say lines on stage. I didn't know I loved it before that happened. They continued to inspire me and make me love music and love the stage and knew that I can do it as a profession," said 1997 graduate Karyn McNay, who worked on the musical "The Producers."

"The fact that they had that confidence in me and believed in me, made me realize that I can follow my dreams. They have to know the impact they made in our lives, because they changed lives. They're wonderful people, and deserve the best," said 2007 graduate Brooke Trantor.

"They are the glue that holds us together and keeps us all together, and does everything," QHS Director of Music Education Kathi Dooley said.

Many students we spoke to say, Sherman and Burnett have impacted their lives in so many ways.

"I never realized I apparently have touched their's a wonderful feeling," said Dan Sherman.

"It's humbling. It's great, it makes you feel really good. It makes you feel like the time you spent was worth while, I'm just really proud of the kids," Tom Burnett said.

Both men said the show was incredible, and is something they'll never forget.

"The most moving experience I've had in my life. To see all these young people come back. They're not young anymore, some in their 30's, 40's, and 50's and to see their talents and to come together," Sherman said.

Although, many ages, genres and styles were on stage Saturday, they all have one thing in common. They're proof that even you can aim high, aim big, and with enough determination, reach your dreams.

Both Burnertt and Sherman say, that although they're retired. They still plan to be active in the community and the arts programs.