Burke denies all allegations in wrongful death suit

The Ursa soldier formally accused of killing his estranged wife in Kentucky denies all new allegations against him in a wrongful death suit.

According to court documents obtained by the News Enterprise newspaper in Hardin County, Kentucky, Brent Burke is asking the court to dismiss the suit for a variety of reasons.

You'll recall last month Burke's former Brother-in-law filed the wrongful death suit, listing Burke's two children as plaintiffs.

Burke had been accused in the 2007 shooting deaths of his wife Tracy and her former mother-in-law. That case was closed six months ago when a judge dismissed criminal charges without prejudice.

The News Enterprise reports Burke claims the statute of limitations as "an absolute and complete defense." His response also finds issue with two of the three plaintiffs.

"(The defendant) hereby asserts that a child cannot bring a civil suit against a parent in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and pleads this as an absolute and complete defense," the answer reads.

Burke also faces a general court martial February 6.