Bullying seminar

Quincy Junior High School had its first all school assembly this morning, and it was on a topic every student needs to learn about...bullying.

About three years ago, the junior high formed an anti bullying committee.

T his assembly had guest speakers including Illinois State Troop Mike Kindhar t who focused on cyber bullying.

There were also video presentations and even some fun worked in as a flash mob was formed.

The goal of the assembly echoed out of the halls of the Junior High School and could be heard at any school in the Tri-States.

Jackie Martin says, "Part of it is for them to understand what bullying is. I think there are many situations where the actual victim doesn't understand that they are being bullied. I think there are also situations where the bully doesn't realize what they are doing is actually considered bullying."

Jackie Martin says it's important to differentiate between reporting bullying and tattling on someone.

At many schools, there are anonymous ways to report bullying.

Martin says it's just so important to report bullying, whether you're being bullyied or you witness it, to an adult.

If that adult won't listen, find one who will.