Building at 5th & Maine to undergo renovation work

One of the last major buildings that borders Washington Park in Quincy is about to get a boost.

One of the last major buildings that borders Washington Park in Quincy is about to get a boost.

A local businessman has decided to take on the job of renovating the structure that dates back more than a century.

Rodney and Sheryl Hart want to

begin renovating the building on the 2nd floor. It's there they envision commercial and retail space, as well as some private office space.

They want the old bank building to become a crown jewel of the downtown area.

"I totally agree with that. Downtown Quincy is the place to be," Rodney Hart said.

The Harts currently operate Second String music out of the main floor of the building.

"And we love downtown. The downtown people have been very supportive of us, Travis Brown. The Historic Quincy Business District, the City of Quincy, everybody has been very good to us, we love it here," Hart said.

Hart also said this deal wouldn't have been possible without the help of the City of Quincy and its Central Business District Revolving Loan Program. It's a participation loan program and it requires some money to be invested by the loan applicant into the renovation project.

"We've had a lot of building renovations. If you go back and look at the records, we've had about 250 buildings renovated in the downtown, we've had significant investment in the last 10 years, And I think this program is one reason why we have that level of investment occurring," Quincy City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer said.

Hart added they'd like to get the second floor open by the end of the year. And begin work on the third floor in 2014.

The Central Business District Revolving Loan Program has pumped about $172 million dollars in public and private investments into the downtown area since the mid 1990s.