Budget concerns lead to two Quincy firings

The City of Quincy fired two administrative employees this week.

The City of Quincy fired two administrative employees this week.

Mayor Kyle Moore said the city eliminated two administrative positions in the Central Services and Engineering departments.

The mayor fired project manager Marty Wagner who worked in the city's engineering department.

The name of the other employee dismissed Monday wasn't immediately available.

Reached at home for comment Thursday, Wagner said he couldn't talk about his dismissal from the city. When asked if whether his separation from the city included any sort of agreement that he wouldn't speak with the media, Wagner said he had no such agreement with the city.

Jeff Conte, director of engineering, wouldn't confirm Wagner's dismissal, but told a reporter that he only learned about the layoffs Monday.

Moore refused to speak on camera about the layoffs Thursday and referred to the press release issued by his office late Wednesday.

The employees were notified that their positions were being eliminated and would not be included in the next budget.

In a statement to KHQA, Moore said the absorption of the two positions was not due to performance.

He said he thinks the duties could be handled by other positions within the city.

Moore would not elaborate on any other details of the firings due to personnel concerns.

"The individuals have served the City of Quincy well, and I am thankful for their service," he said. "This decision came from an ongoing dialog with department heads on how the city could reduce costs,

streamline our structure and still provide uninterrupted service to our residents."

Moore told KHQA he wants to find solutions to reduce the cost of government and provide long-term solutions to the city's challenges.

He noted that this year's budget proposed spending $31.8 million while only bringing in $30 million in revenues.

The city plans to have a budget retreat at the Town and County Inn and Suites at 9 a.m., Feb. 1 to examine the city budget.

He said he invites all interested parties to attend.