Brownouts scheduled to hit Quincy Fire Department

The Quincy Fire Department will experience "brownouts" this summer as the city council was unable to reach a contract agreement with the union that represents firefighters.

The brownouts will result in temporary closures of stations around the city due to the department dropping below the minimum staffing levels of 16 firefighters.

Staffing levels can drop because of vacation or sick days.

A representative for the Quincy Firefighter Local 63 union says they do have a schedule in place.

â??Starting June 1st, there will be brownouts on days we fall below the minimum manning level," Quincy Firefighter Local 63 Union trustee Deon Baker said. "In the month of June, as of right now, there is about 13 days that one of our stations will be closed and in the month of July, as of right now there is about 15 days that we will have only four stations open, instead of five."

The brownouts are the result of Quincy's city council voting against the union's one year deal.

Initially, the deal was approved with a 7 to 6 vote, however, it was later found the vote did not count because two council members were not present.

The council was forced to recast their votes April 28 and the union's offer was struck down 8 to 6.

The scheduled brownout dates will be released at a future date.