Broken building doesn't break owner's spirit

The inside of the Art Gallery 310 building.

A Hannibal building owner felt the impact of Monday's storm in more ways than one.

Joe Noonan owns the building connected to the Groomingdale's Pet Boutique.

Part of the boutique's damage fell on top of Noonan's building, causing its insides to collapse.

Art Gallery 310 operated in Noonan's building.

He says the building was originally built in 1836 and was rebuilt after a 1973 flood.

Noonan said the building wouldn't be standing after Monday's storms if it hadn't been rebuilt in '73.

He said the business owner of Art Gallery 310 has everything moved out of the building.

He thinks it will take six months to get things back in order. Noonan isn't worried because he has insurance.