Bringing the news to school - QJHS style

News Director McKenzie Vahle counts down the news.

Not many schools in the Tri-States have an opportunity to reach their students by television.

One local junior high has taken the news and made it their own.

This classroom may not be a news studio, but for the Quincy Junior High News program, it's a start.

The program is only a few months old, but it's beginning to really take shape.

Andy Hoskins is a teacher at the junior high and helped to get the program up and running.

"It was an idea. I wanted to kind of give back. I think it had been 15 or 16 years since the last time we've had the student news. I have a love for technology, I know the kids do, so I wanted to kind of incorporate that a little if possible, and then it just mixed in well with getting some kids to step up and help us out," Hoskins said.

The program has all the trimmings, an editor, director, and camera man.

Students working on the program have enjoyed this creative process.

McKenzie Vahle is the Director for the show, and enjoys the variety the news program offers.

"It's fun. Not everyone gets to do it, and it helps us learn more about different things in school other than math," Vahle said.

The program lasts around five minutes long, and gives students sports updates, the lunch menu, birthday announcements, and as well as some entertaining segments.

Isabella Soltwedel gets to help with different segments on the show, and recognizes the importance teamwork when putting together this show.

"We are seven habits school now, and it does help with team leadership and team building because you're working with people and you're getting to know everyone, and you're all just getting along," Soltwedel said.

Hoskins feels if this program has a positive influence on a student, then the news has done its job.

"Even if it pulls one or two kids and they say "Hey, this is a field I'm interested in, and I want to go into journalism or broadcast journalism," then I think it's an even greater bonus for this as well," Hoskins said.

While this is just a pilot program, students and faculty would like to see this new program grow to become developed and expanded.