Bring in 2013 with style

Age is only a number. Anyone can wear these trends just change up your accessories.

There were so many new styles that hit the racks this year ... "Lots of fun stuff with peplum, I'm seeing a lot of lace still, and fun denim and pants something with patterns or sort of odd colors," Sara Platt, owner of the Sweet Apricot Shop, said ... so its hard to choose only one to wear on New Year


s Eve.

Platt says there's no need to get flustered, picking out your outfit is easy, just look for a classic NYE looks with a modern twist.

"Sequins is always going to be huge for New Years no matter what year it is," Platt says. "People are doing instead of the all over sequins dress, blocks of sequins or an overlay of that. I'm also seeing so many vintage reinvented looks. Lots of little dresses and tops that have a feel of the 40s or 50s but have been updated for today."

Age is only a number. Anyone can wear these trends just change up your accessories.

"If you're younger and you want to do something more fun load up the accessories for New Years," Platt said. "Lots of bracelets, necklaces, do the crazy bags, high heels. If you're doing something more conservative throw on a flat shoe, pull back the jewelry a little bit, throw a little cardigan on, wear leggings with the dress."

But no matter what you wear, it's how you feel in that really makes the outfit.

"You have to feel good in it," Platt said. "It's not just about trends. If you find something that really makes you feel good dynamite then that's your piece especially for New Year


s Eve."

And you know what they say, confidence is the best accessory you can have ... especially when going into a new year.

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