Brighter smiles for Hancock Co. kids

Defeat Decay Sealant Day lets Hancock County kids receive free dental treatment

The Hancock County Dental Center provided free dental service to kids in Hancock County Thursday morning.

The center's goal is to make sure all students from Hancock County's local elementary schools have healthy and clean teeth.

Dr. Brenden Moon is on a mission to make sure every child who sits in his chair has a clean set of teeth.

"It's really important to get a good basis or good foundation with the kids early, pretty much as soon as they have teeth in their mouth," Moon said.

But some parents can't afford the cost of a check up. That left a bad taste in Moon's mouth.

"Teeth have a very important purpose, not only in the functioning of the child, the comfort of the child, smiling, social, aspects like that," Moon said.

He decided to create a program to ensure all kids from elementary schools in the area could receive dental care.

"We offer the Defeat Decay Sealant Day program for children of, children of different ages for different areas regardless of income," Moon said. "The services provided on Defeat Decay Sealant Day are completely free."

Almost five times a year, Moon allows between 60 to 70 kids to come in and receive free treatment. It's a kind gesture that all of the kids appreciate.

"If you don't have clean teeth, then your teeth might fall out," Southeastern Elementary student Karrie MCcune said.

Dr. Moon and his staff clean each kids teeth, check for cavities and apply a protective sealant to their teeth. Moon also provides free scans and ex-rays for the kids.

"We're using a panoramic radio graph technology to do some comprehensive imaging, comprehensive treatment plans, establish a dental home for some of the different age groups of children," Moon said.

For Moon, it's a sweet treat to know that each kid who leaves his office now has a clean and healthy mouth.

"It's really great for us, because we kind of get acquainted with the children and offer them some care that really establishes them and gets them on really good habits early in life," Moon said.

Dr. Brenden Moon said it's important for children who are in the stage of losing their baby teeth to have a check-up every three to six months.