Brent Burke to stand trial

A former Adams County man finally will have his day in court.

Brent Burke is scheduled to go to trial Wednesday in Kentucky.

You might remember, a grand jury indicted Burke for the murders of his soon-to-be ex-wife and her former mother-in-law back in September of 2007.

Three children, two of them Burke's, hid out in a closet while the murders happened.

KHQA did some checking today to find out the latest on this case.

Police discovered the bodies of Tracy Burke and her former mother-in-law, Karen Comer, here at Comer's home in Rineyville, Kentucky after Tracy's then-9-year-old son made a chilling 9-1-1 call the morning after the murders. An investigator revealed later at a preliminary hearing that Brent Burke's own son, who was just four at the time of the murders, told a social worker that "daddy shot mommy and grandma".

KHQA also got some information from Bob White, a reporter for The News Enterprise in Hardin County Kentucky. He's covered the Burke case extensively. He reports the court has ruled that the child, now six years old, is not competent to take the stand against his father. That's because the child talked about his mother's presence months *after* the killings. A judge in the case also says the child flip-flopped his story too many times about knowing who the intruder was.

This child is the only eyewitness in the case. Brent Burke has maintained his innocence all along. He's still in jail on a two million dollar bond.

The News Enterprise also reports the three children are doing well, despite the absence of both parents. The oldest son is now in the Pacific Northwest with his father. Burke's two children are in the Midwest.

You may also remember Brent Burke graduated from Unity High School in 1996, then became a United States soldier who was stationed in Kentucky.

He served in the war on terror in Afghanistan.

In addition to the murder charges, Burke faces charges of child endangerment, burglary, and cruelty to animals for allegedly shooting the family's dog.