Boy Scout leader won't appear in Boone Co. court until done in federal court

Ian Burow, 24

A former Boy Scout leader and Hannibal resident who pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges will not go to trial in Boone County as quickly as previously thought.

Ian Burow, 24, who moved to Columbia, Missouri is accused of posing as a woman on Facebook to trick scouts into sending pornographic photos online.

In the Boone County indictment, it is stated that Burow deceived six minors and used a seventh for the production of child pornography.

According to Merilee Crockett, the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Boone County, Burow's trial did not start Wednesday.

Crockett says that the trial has been delayed because Burow has pleaded guilty in federal court on similar charges, but for different victims.

Burow won't be released for Boone County trial until sentencing in federal court.

Tony Gonzales with the Jefferson City Branch of the Western District U.S. Attorney's Office handled the federal case.

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