Bowling tournament coming to Quincy

Photo Credit: Photo by: Chad Douglas

The biggest event Quincy will host in 2009 is coming up in a little less than two weeks.

It's the 80th anniversary of the Illinois State Women's Bowling Association Tournament.

The last time the tournament was held in Quincy was in 1999.

Here's a look at how it'll impact you and the city of Quincy.

Chad Douglas: Lanes at Tangerine Bowl and Casino Lanes will be packed starting January 24th, and continuing for 12 weeks as Quincy hosts some of the best woman bowlers in Illinois. About 4500 ladies will be in town over that 12 week period. So not only will the lanes be packed so will Quincy's restaurants, stores, and hotels.

"It's going to bring a lot of revenue for the city. A lot of people will visit our city who've nver been here before. They'll see what we have to offer and hopefully we'll get some return business to our city," says Laura Shaffer, the Promotions Rep. for the Quincy Women's Bowling Association.

"They are here to enjoy themselves. They'll be at restaurants and out shopping. It's kind of their getaway. It's about a $2.8 million dollar impact for the city for those 12 weeks," says Holly Cain, the Executive Director of the Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Laura Shaffer knows first hand about the tournaments. Not only is she the Promotions Representative for this year's tournament, she's also a bowler. She says part of the fun of bowling in the state tournament is checking out the host city and seeing what it has to offer. And this time of year is perfect for Quincy.

"It's a slower tourism season. This brings them into shop, spend, and dine with their girlfriends," says Cain.

And hopefully knock down a pin or two.

"There are some amazing women bowlers out there. The last tournament I went to I saw a woman bowl a 300 game," says Shaffer.

You are of course encouraged to come watch some of the tournament action. It may even get you back into the lanes and join a league. Plus, at the opening ceremony, the youngest and the oldest bowler in Quincy will throw out the first ceremonial balls.

The tournament committee is also in need of some door prizes to hand out for an event on February 21st.

If you can help, you can contact:

Laura Shaffer at 228-6555 or 653-6757.

Jill Branstetter at 493-9029.

Larissa Brady at 257-7758.