Bowled over in Quincy

Quincy scored a strike Tuesday with the announced return of women's state bowling tourney in 2009. / Courtesy of AP GraphicsBank

Bowling pins will come crashing down in Quincy like never before in 2009. That's because the Quincy Women's Bowling Association has been chosen to host the Illinois Women's Bowling Association state tournament and annual meeting for the year.

Quincy sports tourism manager Amy Earnest says that having more than 1,000 bowlers in town over a 13-week period will mean big bucks for the city.

"That time will fill our hotel space for those months, which are traditionally slow for tourism. It will just be great for the Quincy community. We're looking at about $5 million in economic impact. For those months, people will be in Quincy and spending their money here," Earnest said.

Casino Lanes and Tangerine Bowl in Quincy will host the tournament, which will start in mid-January and finish up in May of 2009. Quincy last hosted the event in 1999.