Bow hunting season opens in Illinois

Illinois officially opened its deer and turkey bow hunting season. This season attracts people from around the country to the Tri-States.

Kaye Iftner with the

Pike County Chamber of Commerce

says this time of year helps many area businesses stay afloat. Iftner says the county had a significant increase in tourism during the last year of around seven percent.

Brenda Middendorf is the executive director of

Access Illinois

. According to Middendorf, there are 37 licensed outfitters in pike county relating to bow hunting. There are also 180 private landowners renting out private property. These rentals generate up to twenty thousand dollars in extra revenue.

Access Illinois offers a program this season called Access Foods. That's where hunters may donate some of their winnings for local food pantries. Access covers the processing cost.

The hunting season concludes on January 20. Bow season began in Missouri September 15.