Boulder blocks motorists on MO 79 just South of Hannibal

Big boulder cleared from the roadway along with other debris.

Highway 79 south of Hannibal, Mo. will see traffic delays Friday morning for hillside rock removal.

This comes a day after a boulder slammed into the pavement Thursday blocking traffic.

The road will be closed from about 9 to 9:30 a.m. as crews perform a controlled fall of the rock.

Traffic was backed up both northbound and southbound on MO 79 just south of Hannibal and just north of Continental Cement, due to a large boulder in the roadway.

The large rock fell from about 100 feet up the cliff next to the highway.

A group of workers from Continental Cement rolled the boulder out of the highway in order to get traffic moving.

MoDOT officials are looking at a second boulder that slid halfway down the cliff. There's some concern that the second boulder could break loose and fall into the roadway.

Traffic is currently moving.

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