Boating, a Quincy tradition

The 12th annual Quincy Classic Boat and Outboard Show concluded this weekend. This year's show brought in over fifty classic wood and fiberglass boats. The boats varied in age, dating back to the 1930s all the way to the 1970s.

Todd Young and Rob Ebbing are the organizers of the event. Young says that the show is a good way to see classic boats from this specific area.

The show is considered a premiere show in the Midwest region due to having 75 boats in attendance last year. Every one of the boats this year came with its own story.

Perry Wendel found a sunken boat from the nineteen fifties while working at a canoe race in Iowa City. After finding the boat, he helped Young and Ebbing buy the title. Wendel was able to track down the original owner and obtain the boat for only one dollar.

June Folkerts brought her boat to the show. She considers it a picnic boat. Folkerts sweat over this boat from March to the end of August. It is a part of a pairing of â??His and Hersâ?? boats that she and her husband restored.

This was the second year that the show included a seventeen mile "River Run" up the Mississippi River from Hannibal to Quincy. Some of the other events this weekend were a boat swap, ride to the island, and a parade of the classic boats to conclude the show. The show took place at the Quincy Boat Club.