Blizzard of 2011 not far from our thoughts

Picture sent in by a viewer

What a difference a year makes.

Wednesday marks one year since the Tri-States was hit with that major blizzard that left as much as 28 inches of snow in some areas.

The snow shut down roads as crews struggled to keep up.

Folks woke up the next morning to massive drifts as high as eight to ten feet in some places.

Many businesses closed for the day and some schools were closed for several days as families dug out from underneath more than two feet of snow.

I remember getting up for work at around 3 a.m. and making my way to work. Most of the people at KHQA had stayed in a nearby hotel, in preparation to walk to work. I braved it with my four wheel drive. My most memorable moment that day was opening my garage door and watching it go up, up, up, revealing a wall of snow on the other side. I ended up using my SUV to blast my way out of the snow covered garage. I then forded my way through the streets, which had at least a foot of snow covering them.

I spent the day making my way through the crippled city of Quincy, witnessing covered cars and a snowed-in downtown. It was one for the record books and for my memory.

I asked my fellow co-workers what they remember from that day.

Chad Douglas remembers heading out in the cold, like me, reporting and telling folks at home NOT to go out in the snow.

After crashing through a ten foot snow drift, Tegan Orpet remembers following a snow plow to get to work through the storm to weather the snow in a nearby hotel. Both she and the snow plow couldn't find the road and found themselves in a ditch instead. After getting out, she followed a friendly truck driver to the station.

Hannah McNeff had just moved back to Quincy at that time, and says she spent her snow day unpacking boxes.

Lindsey Boetsch remembers feeling thankful that she paid extra for her carport space so she didn't have to uncover her car.

Whatever your memories of those of days, it's something you'll never forget. Hopefully you took pictures to keep those memories fresh. I forgot!

What do you remember from the Blizzard of 2011? Tell us your memories below or on our Facebook page here!